Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


Experienced.  Aggressive.  Successful.  Nationwide.

Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esquire is an accomplished federal criminal defense attorney.  His practice is limited, with very few exceptions, to the representation of persons and corporations that have been accused or convicted of committing federal crimes.  Those "very few exceptions" generally consist of cases in which the United States of America, or the "Government," defers a matter that originated as a federal investigation to state authorities for criminal prosecution.  Mr. Lowther represents both individual and corporate clients during all stages of federal criminal prosecutions and post-conviction relief matters, including pre-indictment investigations, proffers of evidence, pre-trial litigation, jury and non-jury trials, sentencing hearings, direct and discretionary appeals, habeas corpus actions, sentence reductions and modifications, terminations and alleged violations of supervised release, both civil and criminal asset forfeiture actions, and international extraditions.  He takes a very aggressive approach to defending clients, and has achieved excellent results for them, in federal trial and appellate courts throughout the nation.

Mr. Lowther has the ability to represent any client in any federal court in the nation, and he is available to do so at anytime.

Picture of police officers.Federal criminal cases are vastly different from other types of criminal cases.  The rules of procedure are unbending; the charges are usually complex; and the penalties are severe.  Furthermore, the Government spares no expense or resource in its attempting to obtain convictions and seizing the valuable assets of individuals and corporations that are under investigation for, or have been charged with, the alleged commission of federal crimes.  If you are a subject or the target of a federal investigation, your or your corporation's assets have been seized, or you have been charged with a federal crime, you need serious and experienced legal representation.  That is what Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esquire provides: innovative and effective solutions to your federal criminal problems.

police officersJoshua Sabert Lowther, Esquire is the founding member of the federal criminal defense law firm known as the National Federal Defense Group, which maintains its principal office in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia.  The close proximity of the firm's location to the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport provides Mr. Lowther easy access to daily scheduled flights, which enables him to represent clients anywhere in the nation on a moment’s notice.  This proximity also makes him and his firm easily accessible to those clients, regardless of whether he travels to them, or they choose to travel to him.  Mr. Lowther understands the time-sensitive nature of federal criminal cases, and he is ready to take on the fight at any time.

man in suit in handcuffsJoshua Sabert Lowther, Esquire welcomes the opportunity to win your case.


"I have known [Joshua] for the past nine years, and I have worked with him on numerous federal criminal matters.  He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of federal criminal law and procedure; he works well with his clients and other attorneys; and he is a gifted trial lawyer.  [Joshua] is a tireless and zealous advocate for those whom he represents.  I look forward to working with him in the future." - Harry D. Dixon, Jr., Esq. (federal criminal defense attorney and former United States Attorney)

"[Joshua] is an experienced, well-qualified, hard-working ethical trial lawyer.  I would trust him in handling my most important affairs." - Brian F. McEvoy, Esq. (federal criminal defense attorney and former Assistant United States Attorney)

"[Josh] has a presence.  He's very much the man on top of his game in court.  He's fearless, leaving no avenue unexplored, no matter the dangers....  If you need a lawyer with a presence, with skill, with determination and courage, you need Josh Lowther." - James Dangerfield, Esq. (federal and state criminal defense attorney and former Assistant Solicitor General)

"Mr. Lowther is an outstanding lawyer....  He is a very educated, honest, understanding lawyer who alleviated a lot of our concerns and worries.  He is a very down to earth lawyer who...worked with me and my husband through our difficult time and showed care and concern for us even after our case was over.  Give him a shot; you won't regret it." - T.F. (wife of former client)

"...[Y]ou are a master at what you do!!!" - Z.L. (former client)


Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


United States v. J.C.:  The FDIC-OIG investigated our client, a federal employee, for bank fraud and perjury based on the client's obtaining over $600,000 in mortgage loans by allegedly submitting multiple materially false loan applications to several FDIC-insured financial institutions and allegedly testifying falsely before a federal grand jury.  We convinced the government not to prosecute our client.

United States v. K.J.:  The US Secret Service investigated our client for wire fraud, theft, and embezzlement based on the client's allegedly diverting over $100,000 from a bank account of a company by which the client formerly was employed to the client's personal bank account.  We convinced the government not to prosecute our client.

United States v. R.M., et al.:  The FBI and HHS-OIG investigated our client for health care fraud based on the client's allegedly submitting over $7 million in false claims to Medicare for payment.  The government indicted our client on multiple felony offenses, including conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud, aggravated identity theft, and false statements.  On the first day of trial, after the jury was selected, we convinced the government to enter into an agreement by which our client would plead guilty to a Class B misdemeanor offense with a guaranteed sentence of probation.  Although all of the other defendants were convicted of felonies and sentenced to terms of imprisonment ranging from 13 to 133 months, we convinced the district court to sentence our client to 3 years of probation and no payment of restitution.

United States v. C.S.:  The FBI investigated our client, a member of the activist collective Anonymous, for computer fraud based on the client's allegedly participating in a distributed denial of service ("DDOS") attack on a corporate website as a part of Operation Wisconsin or "#OpWisconsin," purportedly causing over $1 million in damages.  Prior to the government's indicting our client, we convinced the prosecutors to enter into an agreement by which our client would enter a plea of guilty to a Class A misdemeanor with a recommendation for a sentence of probation.  We convinced the district court to sentence our client to three years of probation with the payment of restitution - jointly with all of the other defendants involved in the DDOS attack - of less than $111,000.

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