Bite Mark Analysis & Other Forensic Techniques Under Review

bite mark analysis


Bite mark analysis, other forensic techniques under review  “And then there is the case of Keith Allen Harward, an innocent man convicted of a 1982 rape and murder in Newport News in large part on the testimony of forensic dentists. His was dubbed “the bite-mark case.” Last year, after maintaining his innocence during the 33 years he spent incarcerated, Harward was cleared by DNA and released from prison….Betty Layne DesPortes, a Richmond defense attorney and the newly elected president of the 6,700-member AAFS, did not attend the workshop but said in an interview Thursday, ‘The academy has always been a forum for scientific advancement. Our meetings will continue to be a place for open and frank discussions of both the capabilities and the limitations of scientific techniques.’ DesPortes, who holds a master’s degree in forensic science, is familiar with the Harward case. ‘We hope the legal system will recognize, as continued research has demonstrated, that bite-mark analysis should not be used for identification,’ she said….The Innocence Project hopes his exoneration leads to a national review of old bite-mark cases comparable to one underway now by the FBI, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and others of old cases involving microscopic hair analysis, another forensic technique that has contributed to wrongful convictions.”

Shot Fired In U.S. Kills Teen In Mexico

teen killed in mexico


Supreme Court considers case of a shot fired in U.S. that killed a teenager in Mexico  “The gun was fired in the United States. The bullet stopped 60 feet away in Mexico — tragically, in the head of a 15-year-old boy named Sergio Adrián Hernández Güereca….Courts have struggled to deal with the national security and foreign policy implications of the case, and the Supreme Court’s precedents.”

The Legacy of Zero Tolerance Policing

Zero Tolerance Policing

The Legacy of Zero Tolerance Policing  “New York City is wisely backing away from an abusive ‘zero tolerance’ policing strategy that led officers to blanket minority communities with criminal summonses for minor infractions — like drinking beer in public or sitting in a park after dark — and was based on the discredited premise that petty misconduct leads to serious crime. As part of its unfolding reform effort, the city has significantly cut the number of summonses issued by the police and encouraged police officers to shift the most common minor violations into civil court, which spares people from getting a permanent criminal record and lets them atone for some violations with community service. But that has done nothing for the hundreds of thousands of people who have arrest warrants for failing to appear in summons court.”

‘So-Called Judge’ Rips Orange County Sheriff Who Trump Called ‘Legendary’

'so-called judge'

Self-Described ‘So-Called Judge’ Rips Orange County Sheriff Who Trump Called ‘Legendary’  “A jailhouse informant program exists in Orange County — the ‘debate is over,’ Judge Thomas Goethals said.”

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Ex-NSA contractor pleads ‘not guilty’ to spying charges in federal court

spying charges

Ex-NSA contractor pleads not guilty to spying charges in federal court (“A former National Security Agency contractor accused of stealing a massive cache of classified documents pleaded not guilty Tuesday to spying charges in federal court in Baltimore.”)