Sessions’ DOJ to Crack Down on Gangs, Guns, and Drugs

Sessions Fleshes Out Plan to Crack Down on Gangs, Guns, and Drugs: (“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unveiling a new aspect of his promised crackdown on violent crime: the reinvigoration of a longstanding Justice Department program aimed at getting federal prosecutors to make a concerted effort to stem drug trafficking and violent gangs in their communities.”)

Feds Probe Top Equifax Executives’ Stock Sales

Equifax executivesMedia Report: Feds Investigating Top Equifax Executives’ Stock Trading: (“Two federal agencies are investigating three top Equifax executives’ stock trades to see whether they violated insider trading laws, according to a media report.  Bloomberg reported Monday that a criminal probe by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta is focused on Equifax’s chief financial officer and presidents of two business units, who sold a combined $1.8 million in stock in early August, days after the company learned of a massive security breach, but before it was public.)”

Trump Pardons Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Joe ArpaioWhy Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Follows Law, Yet Challenges It: (“President Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio was characteristically unconventional. It came late on a Friday night as a hurricane bore down on Texas. It concerned a crime some said was particularly ill-suited to clemency, and it was not the product of the care and deliberation that have informed pardons by other presidents.”)

The Legacy of Thurgood Marshall

Fifty Years After Thurgood Marshall’s Supreme Court Confirmation, Baltimore’s Great Dismantler of Jim Crow Remains a Colossus of US History: (“The closest Thurgood Marshall came to his own lynching was in Columbia, Tennessee, near the banks of the Duck River, a notorious repository of black bodies not far from the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan.”)

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Guilty of Contempt

Former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Found Guilty of Criminal Contempt (“Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s own words were the linchpin in the case against him, his quotes cited more than 20 times in a federal judge’s ruling that found him guilty of criminal contempt of court.”)