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Alexa and the Right to Privacy

Can Alexa Testify Against You?: (“We live in an age when increasing numbers of people rely on devices to turn off their lights, make a phone call, or set the morning alarm. This may explain why since its launch in 2015, Alexa—or what Amazon bills as a “virtual assistant” —has become a virtual extension of the lives of its estimated eight-million-plus owners.”)

The US Supreme Court and Guns: a Primer

Where the Supreme Court stands on Gun Laws: (“The Supreme Court has weighed in on relatively few gun-related cases. We look at why.”)

US Supreme Court May Hear Case About Police Destruction of Property During Consent Searches

Should Cops Be Allowed to Rip Up Your Stuff While Looking for Drugs?: (“On April 10, 2015, Alexis Gonzalez-Badillo was standing outside a bus station in Laredo, Texas, waiting to board a bus to Houston. A uniformed police officer was milling about, searching for contraband. Their paths soon crossed, resulting in Gonzalez-Badillo’s arrest and setting off a long legal battle that may conclude at the Supreme Court in the coming months.”)

Another Affirmation of Citizens’ Right to Record Police in Public

Federal Appeals Court: You Have a Constitutional Right to Film Police Officers in Public (“On Friday, a panel of judges for the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the First Amendment protects individuals’ right to film police officers performing their official duties.  The 3rd Circuit now joins the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Circuits in concluding that the Constitution guarantees a right to record.  No federal appeals court has yet concluded that the First Amendment does not safeguard the right to film law enforcement officers conducting police activity in public.”)

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Details Events Leading to Her Firing

Sally Yates gives detailed account of events that led to her firing (“The former Atlanta-based U.S. attorney described a chaotic four day period in which she and her top aides scrambled to understand a policy she was not given advanced notice of and her struggle to decide whether she should defend the action or just resign.  The Trump administration and several GOP senators previously suggested that partisanship motivated Yates’ decision not to enforce the ban.  Here’s Yates account of how she handed news of the travel ban:”)

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