Espionage Posts

Courts’ Treatments of Reality Winner Versus Paul Manafort

Reality Winner Has Been in Jail for a Year. Her Prosecution is Unfair and Unprecedented: (“This is a tale of two defendants and two systems of justice. * * * Christmas was coming, and Paul Manafort wanted to spend the holiday with his extended family in the Hamptons, where he owns a four-acre estate that has 10 bedrooms, a pool, a tennis court, a basketball court, a putting green, and a guest cottage. But Manafort was under house arrest in northern Virginia. Suspected of colluding with the Russian government, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump had been indicted on a dozen charges involving conspiracy, money laundering, bank fraud, and lying to federal investigators.”)

CIA Didn’t Notice Leaked Code Online

CIA “Leaker” Josh Schulte Posted Agency Code Online—and CIA Never Noticed: (“Joshua Adam Schulte, the former CIA worker suspected of passing the agency’s hacking secrets to WikiLeaks, previously posted the source code for an internal CIA tool to his account on the public code-sharing site GitHub, The Daily Beast has learned. * * * That potential red flag was apparently missed by the spy agency just months after Edward Snowden walked out of the National Security Agency with a thumb drive of secrets in 2013. A spokesman for the CIA declined to comment.”)