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Thoughts on Mandatory Minimums, Violent Gangs, and Rehabilitation by a Federal Judge

This Judge Defends “Unredeemables” Even as He Sends Them to Prison: (“It seemed routine when Judge Jack B. Weinstein issued stiff prison sentences to three young men who had robbed a family at gunpoint in the Cypress Hills Houses in East New York last year. After all, when the men broke into the family’s apartment, there were, in addition to adults, five children inside — all of them 10 years old or younger. The robbers, moreover, had been accused of working with two violent street gangs, which New York law-enforcement officers have been cracking down on — especially in the city’s public housing projects.”)

Sessions’ DOJ to Crack Down on Gangs, Guns, and Drugs

Sessions Fleshes Out Plan to Crack Down on Gangs, Guns, and Drugs: (“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unveiling a new aspect of his promised crackdown on violent crime: the reinvigoration of a longstanding Justice Department program aimed at getting federal prosecutors to make a concerted effort to stem drug trafficking and violent gangs in their communities.”)