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ICE Abandons “Extreme Vetting”

ICE Just Abandoned Its Dream of “Extreme Vetting” Software that Could Predict Whether a Foreigner Visitor Would Become a Terrorist: (“Federal immigration officials have abandoned their pursuit of a controversial machine-learning technology that was a pillar of the Trump administration’s “extreme vetting” of foreign visitors, dealing a reality check to the goal of using artificial intelligence to predict human behavior. * * * Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials told tech-industry contractors last summer they wanted a system for their “Extreme Vetting Initiative” that could automatically mine Facebook, Twitter and the broader Internet to determine whether a visitor might commit criminal or terrorist acts or was a “positively contributing member of society.”)

Private Prison Industry Rallies from DOJ “Phase-out” to Lucrative Immigration Contracts

Private Prison Companies are About to Cash in on Trump’s Deportation Regime: (“In October, when executives from the country’s biggest prison company held their annual leadership conference at a golf resort owned by President Donald Trump, they had much to celebrate: lucrative contracts, strong stock prices, and a good shot at expanding their reach in the year ahead, thanks largely to a broadening crackdown on undocumented immigrants and a need for more space to detain them.”)

ICE May Detain Children Separately from Parents to Deter Illegal Immigration

Trump Administration Considers Separating Families to Combat Illegal Immigration: (“The Trump administration is considering a plan to separate parents from their children when families are caught entering the country illegally, according to officials who have been briefed on the plans. The forceful move is meant to discourage border crossings, but immigrant groups have denounced it as draconian and inhumane.”)

ICE’s “Visa Lifestyle Vetting:” Extreme Vetting in Sheep’s Clothing

US Will Track Visa Holders Via Social Media: (“The Department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement is taking new steps in its plans for monitoring the social media accounts of applicants and holders of U.S. visas. At a tech industry conference last Thursday in Arlington, Virginia, ICE officials explained to software providers what they are seeking: algorithms that would assess potential threats posed by visa holders in the United States and conduct ongoing social media surveillance of those deemed high risk.”)

Trump Pardons Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Why Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Follows Law, Yet Challenges It: (“President Trump’s decision to pardon Joe Arpaio was characteristically unconventional. It came late on a Friday night as a hurricane bore down on Texas. It concerned a crime some said was particularly ill-suited to clemency, and it was not the product of the care and deliberation that have informed pardons by other presidents.”)

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