How We Can Help

We represent both individual and corporate clients who are under investigation for federal crimes and in need of federal criminal defense help.  We personally represent those clients during pre-indictment investigations, pretrial proceedings, and trials by jury.  We also represent clients who already have been convicted of committing federal crimes, and who seek representation at sentencing, or in having those convictions overturned by way of post-conviction litigation, such as motions for judgment of acquittal, motions for a new trial, direct or discretionary appeals and habeas corpus, or “2255 actions.”  In cases where clients have already exhausted all post-conviction remedies and are serving federal sentences of imprisonment or supervised release, we assist those clients in having their terms of imprisonment reduced, most often pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 35, or “Rule 35 motions,” or by having their periods of supervised release terminated.  We represent these clients in any United States District Court or United States Court of Appeals in the nation.

The courts to which we have been admitted to practice for general purposes, or to which we have been granted a “general admission,” both federal and state, are listed on our Biography page.  However, in federal criminal cases, we have the ability to represent clients in any federal court in the nation, including the United States Territories, such as Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.  Either we have been granted a general admission to that particular court already, or that court will allow us to make a special appearance for the purpose of defending a particular case, known as a pro hac vice admission.  We have represented clients not only from the United States of America but also from Bolivia, Canada, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, India, Jamaica, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Scotland, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Wales, among many others, in federal and state courts across the nation.  Regardless of where you are, or where your case is pending, we are available and ready to forge a solution to your federal criminal problem.

We understand that selecting the appropriate attorney to represent you in federal court is a difficult task, regardless of whether this is your first time being investigated or prosecuted for a federal offense, or whether you have faced a federal criminal investigation or prosecution previously.  There are several questions, among many others, with which people in your situation usually struggle, and rightfully so: How do you find a competent attorney who is willing to represent you in the district where you are—or will be—charged?  How do you know if that attorney is competent to handle a federal criminal case?  How do you know that one attorney will represent you more effectively than another attorney?  Does he or she know something that another attorney does not, or is he or she capable of achieving something that another attorney cannot?  The answers to these and similar questions may not be readily apparent, but they can be found.

How do I find a competent attorney to represent me in a federal criminal case?

First, you should narrow your search to those attorneys who exclusively defend federal criminal cases.  Experienced federal criminal defense attorneys know the intricacies of federal criminal laws and rules of procedure, which are vastly different from those of state courts.  Federal criminal cases proceed quickly, and strict deadlines apply to filing pretrial motions, advancing defenses and litigating asset forfeiture actions.  Federal criminal case evaluations must be made quickly, and an experienced attorney has the ability to identify the defensible issues in your case and advance those defenses.  It is extremely difficult for an attorney who is not experienced in defending federal criminal cases to learn the applicable law and rules of procedure, while at the same time effectively protecting your best interests and freedom.  Therefore, you must make certain that your attorney has dealt with these issues before, and knows how to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

How do I know I have hired the right attorney?

Once you have found an experienced federal criminal defense attorney, you should be satisfied that he or she will work aggressively on your behalf and that you and the attorney share the same goals regarding how your case should be resolved.  To ensure that you share the same goal, you should discuss your case with the attorney in detail, and have him or her explain to you both the negative and positive aspects of your case, how your case should be resolved, and the reasons he or she has reached that conclusion.  Do not hesitate to ask direct and difficult questions, but be prepared to receive direct and difficult answers.  Federal criminal cases are not easy problems to solve.  Federal law enforcement agents routinely spend an enormous amount of time and utilize almost unlimited resources to investigate criminal cases.  Those cases are then routinely litigated by highly skilled and experienced federal prosecutors. Nonetheless, there is a solution to every problem in every federal criminal case.  The only way to find or craft that solution, however, is to face the problem with your attorney in a united effort.  We help find and craft those solutions.

What types of attorneys should I avoid?

Avoid attorneys who are hesitant or refuse to listen to the long version of your case, or seem disinterested in your thoughts or explanations in reference to the case.  Those attorneys do not tend to be willing to invest a large amount of time necessary to learn about your case, which is absolutely necessary to defend it properly.  Be sure that your attorney does not have a different goal than you do; otherwise, you may find that you have paid that attorney a substantial fee to try your case when he or she actually intends to coerce you into pleading guilty.  Experienced federal criminal defense attorneys realize that you are the best source of information about your case.

Regardless of whether this is your first time facing a federal criminal prosecution or not, we understand that you have questions.  Contact us for your federal criminal defense help needs.  We will listen to the facts of your case and your concerns, evaluate your situation, and provide you with direct answers and realistic solutions to your federal criminal defense problem.  We are confident that we are the right attorneys to represent you in your federal criminal case because we have the experience and determination to provide you with the best defense possible.